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Why use a travel advisor?

“Why should I use a travel advisor when I can book my trip myself?” Great question! Here are some of the benefits to consider when you’re thinking about your next vacation.

A travel agent, travel advisor, travel designer, travel consultant -- there are many titles that are used interchangeably. Regardless of which title you hear, this is a person that not only plans and books vacations and experiences, but offers first hand insight and advice to make your trip memorable.

A travel advisor is a real person.

Anyone can Google ‘best hotels in Mexico’ or ‘what to see in Italy.’ But what Google can’t do is respond directly to your questions and requests and offer you actual firsthand experiences and insight. I am a real person (and I’ve visited myself many of the destinations that I recommend), and I want to get to know you and your specific travel preferences so that I can best answer your questions.

A travel advisor saves you time and money.

I think there’s a myth out there that it’s more expensive to book your vacation with a travel advisor than on your own. Travel advisors know how important budget is and are trained to help you get the most bang for your buck -- and to spot the difference between the best deal and the best value. According to ASTA, travelers who used a travel agent reported actually saving an average of $452 on their trip compared with those who booked on their own.

Plus, the average traveler who planned themselves reported spending 20+ hours planning and booking their trip and working out all of the details. Travel advisors save you all of that time scouring the internet and trying to sort through all of the mixed information out there so you can claim your time back and focus on the fun parts of vacation planning.

A travel advisor offers guidance and insight.

I’m as passionate about travel as you are! And I’ve traveled all over the world myself so that I can help you choose the destination that’s right for you and offer insight and advice about the best places to go, where to stay, how to get around, and what to do to make your vacation amazing.

My job goes beyond just booking your vacation. I can provide creative suggestions and ideas to make each traveler happy and share helpful tips and tricks to make your trip easier. (Yes, you CAN travel with your kids -- my 3 year old has been to 25 countries!)

My wonderfully intrepid 3 year old

A travel advisor eliminates stress and anxiety.

Travel involves a lot of questions and potential unknowns, especially when you travel abroad (and even more so now in pandemic times). Will my phone work while I’m traveling in Europe? How will I pay for things abroad or get currency? What’s the best way to get from the airport to my hotel? Will I be able to get around with a stroller?

By working with a travel advisor, you have a trusted partner to answer those questions and eliminate the stress so that you can focus on having an amazing time.

A travel advisor pays attention to the details.

The difference between having a good trip and having an incredible trip is in the details! I know the best times to visit certain destinations and which rooms at a resort are the most desirable, and I can help you clarify things like travel restrictions and entry requirements. And I can translate for you what’s actually included in the price so there aren’t any hidden surprises.

A travel advisor is connected.

As a travel advisor, I have established relationships with vetted and trusted travel suppliers all over the world, including tour operators, transportation companies, and hotel representatives, to contact before, during, and after travel should you need anything at all and to make sure that you have an amazing vacation from start to finish.

When available, I can provide access to things like charter flights, resort upgrades, early check in/late check out and complimentary breakfast, restaurant reservations, and more. If you want to arrange something special during your trip, we’ll make it happen!

A travel advisor is an advocate for their clients.

I work for myself, not for the hotels or tour companies that I recommend to you. Therefore, I’m only going to recommend companies and experiences that I trust and think will be a great fit for you. Plus, I am only paid by travel partners after you have traveled, so you can rest assured that my main priority is providing excellent customer service to you throughout the planning process. And, I want you to truly have an incredible vacation experience!

Questions about working with a travel advisor? Send me a message any time to chat!



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