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Why You Should Take a Cruise in 2020 + Exclusive Deals

It’s finally fall and I’m attempting to plan my personal trips for 2020 with a coffee in one hand (my third cup today), my phone in the other, and two small children trying to prevent me from all of the above. Life, you know. Anyway, now is a perfect time to get serious about booking a trip at a great price before the holidays empty your wallet.

So where to? Are you picturing yourself among enchanting European castles covered in mist? Discovering the exotic beaches of Thailand? Or maybe looking for an adrenaline-boosting climbing trip in gorgeous New Zealand? In any case, a cruise might be the perfect way to go. It’s the best way to travel if you want to maximize fun time together and minimize all the stress. Read on to find out why I think you should make your travel dreams come true with a cruise in 2020! 

Caribbean cruise ship


Let’s get this biggie out of the way immediately. Cruises are extremely affordable. And for one set price, you're getting your accommodation, meals, transportation, and entertainment. No hidden fees and no worries about overspending during the trip itself.

As a family or even just as a couple, traveling can be expensive. (And life in general is expensive.) But you don’t have to miss out on making lifetime memories or sacrifice a quality travel experience. The awesome thing about cruises is that you can actually afford to make that dream trip happen! You’ll get everything that you need within a range of budget options, and you'll be investing in the opportunity to check out a bunch of cool destinations with your loved ones!

I currently have a ton of 7 night cruises offered at only $599/person. (And some even cheaper options, too.) And notoriously expensive destinations like New Zealand sell for as low as $1025/person for 13 days! You can do it all for less than $100 a day.

If you aren't ready for a big one-time purchase right now, in many cases I can actually offer payment plans too. Pay for your trip over time to eliminate stress and make your travels a reality. And generally, the sooner that you book, the better deal you'll get!


I’m a mama 24/7, and that role is fun, challenging and exhausting. I also run a travel business. Equally fun, challenging and exhausting. Life is busy so sometimes, I have to admit, I just want a little bit of convenience!

Cruises are ridiculously convenient for 3 simple reasons:

- You only have to unpack once. (Need I say more?)

- You go to bed after sightseeing one cool place and wake up ready to see the next one - no stressful rides on planes, trains or buses required!

- Endless entertainment options and meals are available at your fingertips. No need to find somewhere for your kids to play or question where to find a good meal. Cruises basically offer the conveniences of a resort, but with all the sightseeing options laid out for you at each stop.

Tons of Amenities

Cruises are appealing because they have all the amenities that you need right on board. If your feet are sore from sightseeing, you can head to the spa for a massage. If you are itching to get a good stretch in, you can attend a yoga class. Or maybe you and your better half want to finally head to an evening show together. These are not only fun, but EASY options on a cruise. You can go shopping, enjoy a fancy meal or sip some delicious cocktails too. This all brings me to my next point...

Child Care and Kids Clubs

This is for the mommies, daddies, grandmas, grandpas and generally anybody traveling with kids. I just have to mention it because it’s a big deal. Many cruise lines offer child care - some for kids as young as 6 months! This is such a great reason to take a family cruise.

Let’s just talk about that for a second. Easy child care on your vacation. This means the potential for a date night, or finally watching a movie without interruptions. It’s a chance to have great adventures with your kids while also reconnecting with the adults in your life.

Apart from child care, many cruises offer kids clubs with a plethora of fun activities from pools and go carts to workshops and video games. These activities give the kids something to look forward to after a day of sightseeing or during a day at sea. Traveling with kids can sometimes feel like an endless list of compromises, but I can find you a cruise that fits your family’s needs and brings maximum fun for both grownups and kids.

You Can Cruise Literally Anywhere 

I’ve personally never been one to take cookie cutter trips. I love going a little off the beaten path and feeling like I'm having a unique travel experience. One of the biggest misconceptions I hear is that cruises are boring in terms of destinations and activities.

You can definitely take a cruise to the Caribbean and have incredibly unique experiences. Or, if that’s not what you’re looking for, then I’m here to tell you that the world is your oyster when it comes to cruise destinations! You can find cruises on every continent, down rivers and across seas, from South America to the Middle East and much more.

As a bonus, I’ve collected my top 5 recommendations for cruises I have available right now, so if you don’t have anywhere in mind, here are a few ideas for you. Email me or message me on Facebook if you want to talk about making these or any other cruise trips happen for you! Make sure to get in touch soon as the prices listed are limited time offers. Remember that I offer a consultation completely free of charge, so why not get in touch?

Bonus: 5 Exclusive Exploroholic Cruise Deals

thailand cruise

1. Southeast Asia Bucket List Trip

This cruise takes you to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore - checking off 3 of the most interesting countries in Southeast Asia from your bucket list! This area of the world is a wonderful mix of nature and history and a great option for the adventurous traveler. It is round trip from Singapore, making stops in Langkawi, Phuket, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur. This cruise offers beautiful turquoise water, sandy beaches, coconut trees, mysterious jungle-clad landscape and plenty of diving and swimming options. And of course, delectable food options! It is also easy to extend your big Asia trip from there if you want to experience other incredible spots like Bali, Vietnam, or Angkor Wat. The price starts at ONLY $599 for 7 nights!

Ideal for: couples, solo travelers, families, and extended family

Alaska cruise Glacier Bay

2. Alaska 

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, Alaska is a great option. The state is so big that in order to really see most of what it has to offer, a cruise is a great option. You’ll go by Glacier Bay, ride the White Pass Railway and marvel at Alaska’s untouched nature. Imagine seeing humpback whales up close and personal.

I can really personalize this trip to fit your exact needs. The options are endless - anything from adventurous solo traveler to busy young families would be able to find the right balance between activities and relaxation. There is a lot of flexibility to play around with here so you should definitely get in touch with me if this sounds like something you are interested in. This cruise starts at $599 for 7 nights, leaving from Vancouver, Canada.

Ideal for: everybody 

New Zealand Tongariro

3. New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand is one of my all time favorite destinations among the almost 60 countries I’ve visited to date. It’s incredibly beautiful, like nothing else in the world, and there is so much to see. Did you realize you could experience New Zealand and Australia with a cruise?! So cool. This is a great way to see as much of New Zealand's stunning landscape as possible.

Right now I’ve got a great deal of a 13-night cruise round trip from Sydney where you will hit some of the best spots in New Zealand all along the North and South Island. You’ll see Auckland, Wellington, and stunning Milford Sound to name a few. And you can, of course, add on time on either end to explore Sydney and the rest of Australia. This 13-night cruise is starting at ONLY $1025! 

Ideal for: couples, solo travelers, families with older kids 

Antigua cruise Caribbean

4. Christmas in the Caribbean

Sugar-soft sand, impressive historical sites, green-blue water and bike-ride adventures. I currently have a great offer for anybody looking to spend Christmas in Paradise - a 10-day cruise around the Southern Caribbean. This cruise starts and ends in Fort Lauderdale with stops in St Thomas, Dominica, Antigua, St Kitts and Nevis, and St Maarten. 

Why not head somewhere exotic this holiday season? December can be stressful, and it's easy to end up feeling burned out from the holidays. A cruise makes for a perfect getaway for immediate family or even as a fun place to meet with extended family. I happily handle bookings for bigger groups too. This particular cruise starts at $1099/person and it’s a wonderful option for multiple generations to make fun holiday memories together.

Ideal for: families, couples, extended family 

European Rhine River cruise Cologne France

5. Romantic European River Cruise 

My final cruise recommendation is for couples. 2020 might be the year when you are celebrating an anniversary, a promotion or maybe just celebrating your love. It’s important to take time for that kind of stuff - it gets lost in the humdrum of everyday life. Traveling is one of the best ways to beat the boring old routine and feel close to your partner again. 

This cruise down the Rhine River takes you from Amsterdam to Basel, and along the way you’ll see those picture-perfect German fairytale castles, the Black Forest, Dutch windmills and cute medieval towns calling to be explored.

This cruise offers beautiful luxury accommodations, a small intimate ship, gourmet dining and so much more already included in the base price, such as alcohol, shore excursions and abundant chances for cultural immersions in the heart of Europe. This cruise starts at $2099/person. 

Ideal for: couples

Personalized Cruise Options 

Your travel dreams are my blueprint. I’ll work to personalize any cruise idea you have - just send me an email or message me on Facebook. I will work with you to find YOUR type of cruise within YOUR budget at YOUR dream destination!

Be sure to subscribe to Exploroholic's newsletter and follow me on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest deals and tips for travel.


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