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Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Mount Otemanu in Bora Bora
Because c'mon, who wouldn't love to honeymoon here?

You’re engaged -- congratulations! You’ll have lots of details to plan for your big day, from choosing a venue to arranging a photographer and florist to dress shopping and much more. But one of the most fun things to plan will be your honeymoon that you’ll get to look forward to taking as a newly married couple after the wedding is over! Ready to plan the honeymoon that you’ve always dreamed of (without any of the stress)?

Your first step in honeymoon planning is to talk with your partner about what your ideal honeymoon actually looks like. Are you envisioning simply lazing on a tropical beach, doing some Greek island hopping or wine tasting in Tuscany, or going for something a bit more far flung and unique like an African safari or Thailand? Are there any special experiences you or your partner would like to include, such as a sunset cruise or special dinner? And, nail down a few important logistical details together. How far are you both willing to fly, how long will you travel for, and what kind of budget are you comfortable with for the trip?

After you have the chance to talk with your partner, it’s time to schedule a time to talk with a travel advisor! When you work with Exploroholic, the planning process always kicks off with a complimentary consultation where we can get to know each other and I can get to know your honeymoon vision. I’ll be able to answer any initial questions you have, make recommendations, and assist in matching you with your ideal destination if you’re undecided.

And next comes the fun part! After we chat, I’ll get to work curating an itinerary customized just for you and your partner. I’ll gather suggestions for resorts, activities, tours, and anything else that might be a good fit for you based on what we’ve chatted about. You’ll be able to tell me exactly what you love, and as you continue to focus on the wedding planning, I’ll take care of booking and arranging all of the details of your trip, from flights and accommodations to activities, restaurant reservations, and any special touches. Your job is simply to kick back and look forward to your wedding and trip ahead!

And by working with a travel advisor like Exploroholic, I’ll be available before, during, and after your trip not only to book your trip and arrange the details but also to answer any questions you may have and offer support along the way. And if you're traveling internationally, I'll keep you informed about any entry requirements you'll need to be aware of or any extra steps you'll need to take.

The honeymoon planning process can begin as soon as you get engaged. Depending on your chosen destination, booking at least 6-12 months in advance is ideal so that you have the most options and so that I’m able to secure exactly what’s on your wish list. By booking well in advance, you’ll always be able to lock your trip in with a low deposit and make payments as you wish leading up to your big day.

Many of my clients also love to make a honeymoon registry to share with their wedding guests. A honeymoon registry allows your guests to give monetary gifts to you and your partner to use towards things like your hotel room, a couples massage, a romantic dinner, or simply spending money for the trip. You can learn more about honeymoon registries here.

Ready to get planning your perfect honeymoon? I'll create your dream trip without any of the stress of the details. Contact me today to get started.



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