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#AtHome: Bringing Travel to You

Dreaming of far away lands while we are sitting at home? Although this might not be the time to travel, there are plenty of creative ways to bring the world to you while we #stayhometogether.

Learn a new language.

Languages are such a key component of a country’s culture, and what better time than now to learn a little bit of a new language that’s always interested you? Apps like Duolingo and Babbel are awesome ways to learn on the go. Youtube is a great resource for finding fun videos and shows in your target language. And iTalki is an excellent website (that I’ve used myself) where you can choose from teachers all over the world and sign up for one-on-one lessons to practice conversation and any other skills that you have in mind.

Make a new dish or recreate a favorite meal.

If you’re like me, then food is a very important component of your travels! I love trying new local foods and taking cooking classes or food tours when I’m on a trip, and I often find myself dreaming about these tasty dishes long after the trip is over. Try your hand at recreating a favorite meal that you’ve had on vacation or make a signature dish from a destination that you’re dreaming of going. Not a chef? Get take out from your local Japanese or Indian restaurant and try something new.

Have country themed days.

Do you have kids at home right now? Travel is one of the best educations, and there are tons of ways to make it fun. Have a France day and watch virtual city and museum tours, make your own Eiffel Tower, bake crepes or macarons, and practice your French. On Japan day, watch Japanese cartoons, do some origami or simulate an earthquake, roll your own sushi, and practice your Japanese. There are tons of books and videos available right online for inspiration all over the world. The possibilities are endless.

Take a virtual tour of a new destination.

Whether you’re dreaming of seeing Yellowstone National Park or the Great Pyramids of Giza, you can likely get there with a virtual tour. Simply Google what you have in mind or check out Youtube for some of the possibilities. Google Earth is another fun way to put yourself right on the ground nearly anywhere in the world.

Create a photo album of your travels.

Reminisce on your favorite travel memories by creating a photo album from your trips or simply frame some of your best shots. I’ve been making a photo album for each of my kids so that I can share with them when they’re older some of the travel experiences that they’d had.

Learn about animals around the world.

You can also take a virtual tour of a zoo or aquarium to learn about new animals. Places like the National Zoo and Monterey Bay Aquarium are a couple of the many places currently offering free footage of their critters.

Plan your next great vacation.

My personal favorite! We are all going to need a vacation when things finally clear up, and now is a great time to think about where you’ll want to go first. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with me any time to chat about your ideas and begin the planning process. Many airlines, hotels, and tour companies have very flexible booking options right now for future travel. Have questions about your options? Send me an email any time.

What other ways have you found to bring travel to you?


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Cory S
Cory S
Aug 22, 2021

This is a great post thanks for sharing it.

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